SEMI Standardization Efforts in Compound Semiconductors


James D. Oliver* and Russ Kremer+


SEMI North American Standards Committee on

Compound Semiconductor Materials


*Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

M/S 3K13, PO Box 1521

Baltimore MD 21203 410-765-0117


+ Freiberger Compound Materials USA

7071 Corporate Way,

Dayton, OH 45459-8911  937-291-2899


Key Words:  SEMI International, Compound Semiconductor Standards, GaAs, SiC, InP, wafer specifications




The history and purpose of the SEMI Standards organization is presented with emphasis on the applications to the Compound Semiconductor Industry. A description of the processes used to develop a SEMI Standard, the consensus balloting procedure, and formal  Standards publication is explained.  Current standards development activities in the Compound Semiconductor Committee including work on GaAs, InP, SiC, electrical properties and proposed task forces are reviewed.


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