A Chemical and Thermal Resistant Wafer Bonding Adhesive Simplifying

Wafer Backside Processing


A. Smith,1 J. Moore,2 and B. Hosse3


1Brewer Science, Inc., 2401 Brewer Drive, Rolla, MO 65401, (831) 662-3465, asmith@brewerscience.com

2DAETEC, LLC., 4830 Calle Alto Unit J, Camarillo, CA 93012, (805) 484-5546, info@daetec.com

3RF Micro Devices, 10420 Harris Oaks Blvd, Suite F, Charlotte, NC 28269, (704) 319-2010, bhosse@rfmd.com



Keywords: WaferBOND™, mounting, bonding, thinning, etching, adhesive



     A variety of adhesives have been demonstrated for use in thinning and backside processing of III-V substrates.1-4  Each process exhibits certain limitations based on the adhesive’s chemical or thermal resistance.  As a result, an adhesive’s property limitation may drive up costs or reduce throughput by necessitating the use of additional protective aids or special tooling.  A new product developed by Brewer Science, Inc. (BSI), WaferBOND™5 adhesive, eliminates the need for such aids by directly simplifying the process. WaferBOND™ adhesive exhibits an unusually high resistance to process conditions, which enables the use of strong acids and bases, stripping solvents, and temperatures in excess of 200ºC.  Applied with conventional spin-on equipment, the material coats with exceptional uniformity (<0.3% TTV), cures and bonds at relatively low temperatures, and demounts in corrosion-safe chemistries in times that are substantially lower than the competition, which allow an increase in throughput.  This paper discusses the benefits of the WaferBOND™ adhesive mounting product and the ease of integrating it into an existing process line.


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