Highly Reliable GaAs Planar Airbridged Schottky Diodes for Flight Qualified Millimeter-wave Circuits

Hooman Kazemi, Lan Tran, Don Deakin, Jon B Hacker and Chanh Nguyen


Rockwell Scientific Company

1049 Camino Dos Rios, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

email: hkazemi@rwsc.com

Tel: 805 373 4905



Keywords: Schottky diodes, Millimeter wave mixers, detectors , frequency multipliers, flight qualified components



A GaAs planar airbridged Schottky (PAS) diode process has been developed for insertion in high performance circuits at millimeter-wave frequencies and beyond. The PAS diodes have shown a very low resistance, accompanied by low capacitance values resulting from the small anode geometry and optimization of the diode resistance. The process is developed on 4 GaAs wafers and show diode yield of >95% per wafer. The reliability of the junction is also discussed with an elevated 200 degrees thermal cycle test over a period of 24 hours showing no change in diode parameters such as ideality factor and breakdown voltage.


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