Release for production of a 150GHz, 125nm gate 40% In In0,4 metamorphic GaAs HEMT MMIC process


J.Bellaïche, P.Baudet, S.Demichel, M.Renvoisé, H.Maher, J.F.Pautrat, MG.Périchaud, S.Lafont


OMMIC, 22 Avenue Descartes , 94453 Limeil-Brévannes: e.mail



This paper deals with the release for production of a 150 GHz, 125 nm gate 40% InIn0,4 metamorphic GaAs HEMT MMIC process. It includes a discussion on the importance of the process development sequence in ensuring a production release. Key points are the objective performance definition and the understanding of the critical process parameters so as to establish an effective control plan vital for a good process control in production.   


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