The First 0.1mm 6” GaAs PHEMT MMIC Process


L. Gunter, D. Dugas, X. Yang, P. Seekell, M. Gerlach, J. Diaz, J. Lombardi, W. Hu, P.C. Chao, K. Nichols, W. Kong, B. Golja, K.H.G. Duh and A. Swanson


BAE Systems, Nashua, NH (USA): Email:, Phone:  603.885.6756


Keywords: V-Band, PHEMT, GaAs, Power Amplifier, Millimeter-wave, MMIC



BAE Systems has developed the world’s first 0.1µm 6” 2-mil PHEMT MMIC process with high power, high yield and excellent reliability.  Utilizing T-gate technology and 2-mil substrates, we have created a millimeter wave technology producing excellent performance from Ka-band through W-bands.  DC and RF characteristics have excellent uniformity across the wafer with very high spec yield.  Due to the excellent reliability and performance characteristics, the developed HPA technology provides a low cost advantage for millimeter-wave applications.



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