Recent Achievements in SopSiC substrates for High Power and High Frequency applications


R. Langer 1, B. Faure 2, A. Boussagol 2, P. Bove 1, H. Lahreche 1, A. Wilk 1, J. Thuret 1, F. Letertre 2


1 Picogiga Int., Place Marcel Rebuffat, 91971 Courtaboeuf, France

2 Soitec, Parc technologique des Fontaines, 38926 Crolles Cedex, France



Keywords:  AlGaN/GaN, SopSiC, SiC, wafer bonding




            Engineered Substrates is an established material in the silicon industry. Engineered substrates enable the optimization of the active device, the top layer and the bulk independently. Today we present the development of Silicon silicon on poly-crystalline Silicon silicon Carbide carbide (SopSiC) substrate obtained by the Smart Cut™ technology. SopSiC substrate structure combines the advantages of Silicon and SiC materials.

Compared to the conventional SiC single crystal approach, this innovative approach offers a larger diameter substrate and a lower cost solution. SopSiC substrates are proposed to support the development and future industrialization of GaN microelectronics for commercial and military applications. The recent results, presented hereafter, show that materials could cover various areas from high frequency to high power devices such as AlGaN/GaN transistors.


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