The Reliability Study of MIM Capacitor Built On Top of Backside Via In III-V Compound MMIC


X. Zeng; M. Barsky; J. Uyeda; D. Farkas; F. Yamada; M. Biendenbender; D. Eng; J. Wang; R. Lai


Northrop Grumman Space Technology

One Space Park, Redondo Beach, CA90278

Tel: (310) 812-2644,



Keywords: MIMCAP; Through-Substrate Via; Breakdown; Thermal Cycles; Failure Rate




     We report a compact and reliable MIMCAP directly on backside through via (MIMCAP-On-Via). The potential performance effects of a capacitor on backside via  is explored with changing via density and the total number of vias. The MIMCAP-On-Via reliability was verified using a time dependant dielectric breakdown mode, and its reliability is comparable to a conventional MIMCAP.  The thermal stability of epoxy mounted MIMCAP-On-Via test structures was also verified over the -55˚C to 125˚C temperature range with no failures. 


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