A Flip-chip Low Band Harmonic Filter Based on GaAs Integrated Passives


Jon Abrokwah+, Sergio Pacheco+, Shun-Meen Kuo+, Li Li+, Robert Bettiga+,

Philip Bowles+ and Gilles Montoriol


+Technology Solutions Organization, Freescale Semiconductor Inc

2100 E. Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284.Telephone (480) 413-3319, Email: aypy90@freescale.net


Wireless and Mobile Systems Group, Freescale Semiconductor Inc

131 Ave. du General Eisenhower, BP 72329, Toulouse 31023, France


Keywords: Integrated Passive Devices (IPD), Harmonic Filter, Flip-chip design





Radio transmit modules continue to shrink in die size and cost, requiring novel approaches for integration of the numerous passive elements of the radio front-end. Flip-chip assembly of the passives enables further size reduction. A single inductor low band harmonic filter was designed and fabricated with a 200 m pitch lead based bump technology and flip-chipped to a 4-layer HDI substrate. Test results showed insertion loss in the AMPS/GSM band (824-915MHz) of about 0.6 dB. The measurement results corroborated simulations which indicated the need for additional trace inductance on the HDI board to control the higher order harmonic rejections of the single inductor harmonic filter, since the inductance of the microvias to GND is rather small.


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