Damage-Free Dicing of SiC Wafers by Water-Jet-Guided Laser


Sean Green, Delphine Perrottet and Bernold Richerzhagen


Synova SA, Ch. de la Dent-d’Oche, CH-1024 Ecublens, Switzerland; e-mail: info@synova.ch; phone: +41 21 694 35 00


Keywords: water-jet-guided laser, Laser-Microjet, SiC



     Since several years, the water-jet-guided laser technology has been used for a wide range of precision applications, including wafer dicing. It has proven its capacities to process not only silicon, but also more brittle semiconductor materials such as GaAs or low-k wafers. It has recently been tested on another compound material, which is known for its hardness: SiC. Compared to abrasive sawing, the water-jet-guided laser offers higher speed for the same quality at reduced running costs, as there is no blade wear.



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