Investigation of Base-Collector Parasitics For Various Emitter and Base Geometries in GaAsSb/InP Type-II DHBTs


Benjamin F. Chu-Kung, Shyh-Chiang Shen*, William Snodgrass, and Milton Feng

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Illinois

Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory 208 N. Wright Street Urbana, IL 61801

Phone: (217)244-3662, e-mail:


* School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology

Center for Compound Semiconductors 777 Atlantic Drive NW, Van Leer Building Atlanta, GA 30332-0250


Keywords: HBT, InP, GaAsSb, DHBT


Abstract: GaAsSb/InP type-II DHBT transistors have been fabricated using a number of different base geometries. The devices have been modeled and their small signal parasitic components have been extracted. This work will examine the effects of having a realigned base, then compare different geometries and show why the current power transistor design is not conducive towards high speed applications.


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