Realization of InAlN/GaN Unstrained HEMTs on SiC Substrates with a 75 Å Barrier


J. K. Gillespie, G. H. Jessen, G. D. Via, A. Crespo, and D. Langley Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433

M. E. Aumer, H. G. Henry, D. B. Thomson, and D. P. Partlow Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Baltimore, MD 21030


In this work, we describe the first reported unstrained InAlN/GaN HEMT on SiC with a 7.5 nm barrier thickness. The device reported has a gate length of 250 nm and demonstrated Imax = 861 mA/mm, gmp = 355  mS/mm, ft = 43 GHz, and fmax[MAG] = 66 GHz. Power measurements for a 7.5 nm barrier device with a 250 nm gate resulted in 2.0 W/mm, 29.3% Peak PAE at X-band.


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