Qualification and Reliability of a GaN Process Platform


S. Singhal, A.W. Hanson, A. Chaudhari, P. Rajagopal, T. Li, J.W. Johnson, W. Nagy, R. Therrien, C. Park, A.P. Edwards, E.L. Piner, K.J. Linthicum, I.C. Kizilyalli Nitronex Corporation, 2305 Presidential Drive, Durham, NC 27703 Phone: (919) 807-9100; Fax: (919) 807-9200; E-mail: ssinghal@nitronex.com


Keywords: Reliability, Gallium Nitride,PowerTransistors



In this paper, the qualification of a production GaN process platform is discussed. Details of the process repeatability, reliability and qualification methodologies are covered in detail.  Additionally, concurrent product development efforts are also described. Reliability results include three-temperature DC testing that resulted in an activation energy of 2.0eV and DC HTOL testing demonstrating 20-yr drift rates of less than 3% when operated at 150°C.  


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