Atomic Hydrogen Cleaning of Epiready InSb (100), (111)B, and GCIB Processed InSb (111)B Surfaces

S. R. Vangalaa, H. Dauplaiseb, C. Santeufemioa, C. Lynchb, P. Alcorna,
L.P. Allenc, G. Dallasc, K. Vaccarob, D. Blissb, and W. D. Goodhue

a Photonics Center, Department of Physics, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA 01854
Phone: +1 (978) 934-3982 E-mail:,
Air Force Research Laboratories, Hanscom/SNHC AFB, MA 01731
Galaxy Compound Semiconductors, Inc., Spokane, WA 99206

Keywords: InSb, Atomic Hydrogen Cleaning, TXPS, AFM


X-Ray photoelectron spectrometry (XPS) performed on the surfaces of atomic hydrogen (H*) cleaned chemical mechanical polished (CMP) "epi-ready" InSb (100), (111)B, and a gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) processed InSb (111)B substrates indicates the removal of native oxides from the substrate surfaces. All the processed surfaces showed strong elemental XPS peaks with no oxide side-lobes after H-atom (H*) treatments of 20 min at substrate temperatures of 200 °C. Ex-situ atomic force microscopy measurements showed no change in the surface roughness of the CMP (100) and (111)B surfaces after H* treatment. The GCIB surfaces, however, showed an increase in surface roughness after treatment, indicating that a rough oxide/substrate interface may be formed in the GCIB process used here.

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