Large Area Single Crystal Diamond Wafers; Applications, Status, and Future Perspectives

P. Doering, A. Genis, and R. Linares Apollo Diamond, Inc., PO Box 670, Framingham, MA 01704,

Keywords: Single Crystal Diamond, Thermal Management, High Power, High Temperature


Diamond has long been recognized as a material with a combination of extreme properties that present an expanded “tool kit” for device and systems designers. Diamond offers near term and longer-term opportunities that are of particular interest to the compound semiconductor community. In the near term, the use of Diamond in “passive” applications extends the capability of existing devices and systems. In the longer term, Diamond will be used in “active” applications that can replace existing devices based on currently available compound semiconductors. A specific “passive” application is thermal management. Single crystal CVD Diamond has higher thermal conductivity and better surface finishes, and will ultimately be available at a lower cost than other sources of diamond such as polycrystalline CVD, high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) produced diamond, and natural diamond. Opportunities for “active” diamond device applications include UV LEDs, high power switches, and high power/high speed FETs. Single crystal CVD diamond is uniquely suited for these applications

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