GaN on SOD Substrates – The Next Step in Thermal Control

J. Zimmer and G. Chandler sp3 Diamond Technologies Inc., Santa Clara, CA,

Keywords: SOD, GaN, thermal management,


Compound semiconductor devices face severe thermal control problems as a result of increasing power densities which result from the need for more power and the ongoing reduction in geometries of individual devices. The solution to this problem is to place a heat spreader material as close to the device junction area as possible. For GaN devices this can be accomplished by growing a GaN device layer on top of a silicon on diamond (SOD) substrate where the silicon layer is thin and the diamond layer acts as a heat spreader that is within a few microns of the heat producing area on the device. This paper will discuss both the structure and performance advantages of GaN on SOD as well as some of the issues that will drive scaling and manufacturability from substrate fabrication through device packaging.

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