Industrial GaInP/GaAs high Power HBT Process for S-Band and L-Band Applications

H. Blanck, G. Jonsson, L. Favede, G. Pataut, M. Bonnet, D. Floriot* United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH, Wilhelm-Runge-Straße 11, 89081 Ulm, Germany -* Alcatel-Thales III-V Lab,

phone: (49) 731 505 30 98 -fax: (49) 731 505 30 05 -email:

Keywords: HBT, GaInP, Power, reliability, L-band, S-band


UMS have developed an industrial power HBT process especially dedicated to high power applications in L-and S-Band. Special care has been given to temperature management, required by the technology high power handling capability. Features include a thick thermal drain, for better temperature uniformity and stability, and passive elements for on-chip matching and stabilization circuit. Finally, the technology has been optimized for outstanding reliability as required for space, commercial and military applications.

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