Low-Cost, High-Performance Multifunction X-band Control MMICs Using Ion- Implanted FET Technology

Monte Drinkwine, Hausila Singh and Mike Ashman

M/A-COM, Inc.,
5310 Valley Park Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019
Phone: 540 563-8600, E-mail: drinkwim@tycoelectronics.com


To address increased performance requirements for X-band control circuits, a new switch FET, with a typical Ron of 1.6 Ω•mm for lower insertion loss, and a new gain FET, with high- drive capability and improved linearity, were developed and added to the suite of MSAGTM devices. These new MSAG FETs are fully compatible with other FETs in the MSAG suite. In this respect, MSAG stands alone with its demonstrated ability to combine the disparate functions required to produce a single-IC T/R control circuit, such as the one described herein, without sacrificing performance or reliability, and at affordable cost.

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