An 800-W AlGaN/GaN HEMT for S-band High-Power Application

Eizo Mitani, Makoto Aojima, Arata Maekawa and Seigo Sano

Eudyna Devices, Inc., Yamanashi Plant
1000 Kamisukiawara, Showa-cho, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi, 409-3883, JAPAN

E-mail :, Phone : +81-55-275-4411 Keywords: GaN HEMT, high-power, pulsed, S-band 1000


We have developed an 800-W AlGaN/GaN HEMT operating at S-band. The AlGaN/GaN HEMT showed excellent performance, which is output power of over 800 W, high linear gain of 14.0 dB and high efficiency of 50% over the wide frequency range of 2.9-3.3 GHz, operating at 65-V drain bias voltage under pulsed conditions, at a duty of 10% and pulse width of 200 μs. With 70-V drain bias operation, the peak power reached 912 W with 56.4 % drain efficiency, at 2.9 GHz. To the best of our knowledge, this is the highest power ever reported for S-band transistors.

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