Technological challenges for manufacturing power devices in SiC

Peter Friedrichs

SiCED Electronics Development GmbH & Co. KG, a Siemens Company Günther-Scharowsky-Str. 1, D-91058 Erlangen; GERMANY Email : Phone +49 9131 734894 Fax +49 9131 723046

Keywords: Silicon Carbide, MOSFET, JFET, Annealing, Contacts


The paper discusses important challenges in manufacturing silicon carbide based power devices on an industrial scale. Special emphasize is paid to processes which differ considerably from well know silicon power device process flows. The main topics discussed in the contribution are processes for annealing ion implanted species, the formation of ohmic contacts as well as the crucial question of forming high quality interfaces between SiC and insulating materials for MOS based power devices structures.

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