III-V MOSFETs With Native Oxide Gate Dielectrics – Progress and Promise

P. Fay, X. Li, Y. Cao, J. Zhang, T. H. Kosel, and D. C. Hall

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 275 Fitzpatrick Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556. tel: (574) 631-5693, email: pfay@nd.edu

Keywords: GaAs MOSFET, InAlP oxide


MOSFETs based on III-V channel materials have recently attracted considerable attention for possible use in high-speed and wireless applications. GaAs-based MOSFETs featuring native oxides of InAlP as the gate dielectric have recently been demonstrated for both enhancement-and depletion-mode operation, and with microwave performance comparable to conventional Schottky-gate HFETs. These devices leverage the extremely low gate leakage current and low interface state densities possible with the use of oxidized InAlP as the gate dielectric. Recent progress in the demonstration of GaAs-based MOSFETs using native oxides of InAlP as the gate dielectric is reviewed, the fabrication processing for these devices is described, and the material properties of these native oxides are discussed. The current status of the technology is presented, and prospects for future improvements in device performance are evaluated.

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