M. Passlack, R. Droopad, K. Rajagopalan, J. Abrokwah, and P. Zurcher

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.,
2100 East Elliot Road, Tempe, AZ 85284 US
Tel: 480-413-4962, E-mail: m.passlack@freescale.com

R. Hill, D. Moran, X. Li, H. Zhou, D. Macintyre, S. Thoms, and I. Thayne
Nanoelectronics Research Centre, University of Glasgow, Rankine Building, Oakfield Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LT UK

Keywords: III-V semiconductor, Gallium arsenide, MOSFET, high mobility, RF power, CMOS


1 µm GaAs enhancement-mode MOSFETs have been manufactured with a threshold voltage, maximum drain current, maximum transconductance, on-resistance, drain conductance, subthreshold swing, and gate current of 0.28 V, 397 mA/mm, 428 mS/mm, and 2.3 Ω mm, 10 mS/mm, 100 mV/dec, < 60 nA, respectively. An off-state breakdown voltage of 18 V was measured for an oxide thickness of 18 nm. An effective channel mobility of  5,500 cm2/Vs was measured on a 20 Ám gate length device using the split C-V method. These devices are potentially suitable for RF power amplification, switching, and power control in mobile and wireless applications. The high MOSFET channel mobility is of interest for future CMOS applications.

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