InGaP-Plus: Advanced GaAs BiFET Technology and Applications

William Peatman , Mohsen Shokrani, Boris Gedzberg, Wojciech Krystek, and Michael Trippe

ANADIGICS, Inc., 141 Mount Bethel Road, Warren, NJ 07059, USA Tel: (908) 668-5000

Keyword: BiFET, integration, InGaP, HBT, pHEMT, front end module


The InGaP-Plus™ BiFET technology has been developed at ANADIGICS for high volume production of commercial MMICs. The vertical integration of the InGaP HBT and the pHEMT on the same 6 inch GaAs epitaxial wafer allows independent optimization of each device for a given application. This is possible since the only shared epitaxial layer among those of the HBT and pHEMT structure is a heavily n-doped layer located between the HBT and the FET structure. Otherwise, the process flow has been developed to minimize cost and maximize yield. The InGaP-Plus™ BiFET technology allows greater integration of the various dc and rf functions required in front end modules on a single chip.

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