Resist Dispense Volume Reduction Using the Six Sigma Methodology

J. Riege, A. Canlas, D. Barone, D. Crawford, Y. Recsei, S. Mony, N. Ebrahimi

Skyworks Solutions, Newbury Park, CA 91320
(805) 480-4434

Keywords: Resist Dispense Volume, Six Sigma


Process engineers pursue wafer fab cost reduction activities continually because of ongoing customer demand for lower cost devices. One of the highest costs in the photolithography process is the photoresist used to coat wafers. This process is also the most wasteful because more than 99% of dispensed resist is disposed as hazardous waste. The evaporated solvents in the resist are also environmentally hazardous and are controlled to tight environmental regulations.

This paper reviews how Skyworks Solutions’ Newbury Park wafer fab used Six Sigma methodologies to cut resist costs, waste and emissions in half and still maintain a high level of product quality.

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