Studying Package Delamination by TOF-SIMS and XPS

Luo JunHua, Yao JingZhong, Xu XueSong, Adhihetty Indira

Wireless and Packaging System Laboratory Technology Solutions Organization
Freescale Semiconductor (China) Limited No.15 Xinghua Avenue, Xiqing Economic Development Area, Tianjin, China
TEL: +86-22-85686392

Keywords: Delamination, Solder Paste, Solder Wire, TOF-SIMS, XPS


Delamination is the most common reliability issue of IC and will cause severe damage to function/life. In this paper, TOF-SIMS and XPS were taken to analyze the chemical status of leadframe surfaces with different die bonding processes. From the analysis, the root cause of delamination at the interface between molding compound and leadframe was due to additional tin and lead on the leadframe surface.

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