Hydrogen Incorporation of Metal Gate HfO2 MOS Structures on In0.2Ga0.8As
Substrate with Si Interface Passivation Layer

InJo Ok, H.Kim, M.Zhang, F. Zhu, S. Park, J. Yum, S. Koveshnikovl, W. Tsai 1,
V. Tokranov2, M. Yakimov2, S. Oktyabrsky2, and Jack C. Lee

1Intel Corporation, 2University at Albany-SUNY
Microelectronics Research Cengter, Department of Electrical and Computer engineering, The University of Texas, Austin, TX 78758
hone: 512-471-1627, FAX: 512-471-5625
Email: okinjo@mail.utexas.edu

Keywords: Hfo2, InGaAs, Si, Interface Passivation layer, frequency dispersion, leakage currentdensity


Recently, we have investigated the GaAs MOSFET and InGaAs MOS sgtructure using Si interface passivation layer (IPL) and HfO2 as gate dielectric.  In this work, we have investigated hydrogen incorporation effects for in0.2Ga0.8As MOSCAP using the same oxide of HfO2 as gate insulator with Si IPL and H2 annealing at 500oC for 30min.  Excellent electrical characteristics with Low Dit (~2.8-10-12) with low frequency dispersion(<0.1% and <10mV) has been obtained.

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