Uniformity Correlation of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs grown on 3inch SiC Substrates

C. Lee, J. Jimenez, U. Chowdhury, M. Kao, P. Saunier, T. Balistreri, A. Souzis, S. Guo 1
TriQuint Semiconductor Texas, 500 W. Renner Rd. Richardson, TX. 75080,
IIVI Inc. Pine Brook, NJ, 3IQE RF, Somerset, NJ
Corresponding author: Cathy Lee, email: cclee@tqs.com


AlGaN/GaN HEMT devices are of high commercial and defense interest for microwave amplification purposes because of their ability to provide significantly higher power density and bandwidth compared to conventional GaAsbased HEMTs. For commercial production of the HEMTs, it is very important to obtain a high degree of performance uniformity for the devices fabricated over a 3inch diameter (larger in future) substrate. At the present stateof theart, the nonuniformity of device performance metrics over a full 3” wafer is too high to achieve yield required for commercial realization of the technology. To achieve the high degree of uniformity in device performance, it is essential to understand the source of variation that exists in various structural components of the devices as they are fabricated using standard technology and also the effect of each of these variations on the device performance.

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