Status of SEMI Standardization Efforts in Compound Semiconductors

James D. Oliver* and Russ Kremer+

Co-Chair SEMI North American Standards Committee on
Compound Semiconductor Materials

*Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
M/S 3K13, PO Box 1521, Baltimore MD 21203 410-765-0117

+Freiberger Compound Materials USA 
7071 Corporate Way, Dayton, OH 45459-8911 937-291-2899

Key Words: SEMI, Compound Semiconductor Standards, ASTM International, wafer specifications, GaAs, SiC, InP, InSb.


The SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) North American Compound Semiconductor Committee is organized into five Task Forces: Indium Phosphide, Indium Antimonide, Gallium Arsenide, Silicon Carbide, and Electrical Properties. Progress and current status of the projects undertaken by the committee and task forces are reviewed and outlined. In addition the cooperative programs between SEMI Standards and ASTM are discussed.

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