Market Trends for Compound Semiconductor Enabled Devices

Bruce A. Bernhardt

Motorola Mobile Devices, M/S AN2, 600 North US Highway 45, Libertyville,
Keywords: Mobile Communications Devices, Broadband Technology, 2-D Barcodes, RFID, GPS

     The growth in markets for wireless communications
devices continues to outpace the market for other semiconductors. At the current pace, thirty-six mobile handsets are purchased world-wide every second.  Additionally, mobile communications devices are consuming certain functions that previously were independent stand-alone products such as pagers, alarm clocks, appointment books, watches, MP3 players, cameras and portable navigation devices.  This trend is expected to continue for other items of consumer interest. In general, the belief is that anything consumers place in their pockets is ripe for consolidation into the mobile communications device, such as money, credit cards, subway tokens, and photo albums.  Another trend that will be discussed is the emergence of ubiquitous broadband communication and its ability to enable greater interaction and  devices dominate the CATV distribution amplifier market. This type of broadband connection helps enable the trend of consumers to watch what they want when
they want it instead of timing their activities around a broadcast distribution schedule, and is starting to facilitate personal generation and distribution of video content. The internet bandwidth of YouTube traffic today equals the bandwidth used for all internet traffic of the year 2000. It is expected that in three years over half of the online video traffic will be consumer generated.s access remains a compelling vision and as standards and chipsets evolve, the compound semiconductor industry stands ready to reap the harvest of growing demand.

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