How to Succeed as a GaAs Foundry

Glen Riley
VP Commercial Foundry Business Unit
TriQuint Semiconductor
2300 NE Brookwood Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124 +1(503) 615-9277

Keywords: GaAs, Foundry

TriQuint Semiconductor has been a leader in the GaAs foundry market for 23 years and continues to hold the top spot today. TriQuint achieved this success even as it has grown its IDM business that sometimes competes with its foundry customers. The number of GaAs foundry suppliers continued to grow in the late 1990’s until the communications market bubble burst in 2001. Today, only a handful of foundry suppliers are still in business. In order to survive and flourish, successful foundry suppliers not only have to offer superior technologies and services, but also they must ensure they are engaged with the right customers and markets. Additionally, they must demonstrate to new customers that GaAs is an economical choice versus silicon. This extended abstract will highlight how to succeed as a GaAs foundry with the thesis that technology, support, and trust are the key foundations needed to realize strategies to grow and develop new markets and customers.
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