Factory Automation beyond Recipe Selection

N. Thakkar, D. Beasley, A. Lopez, R. Caguioa, G. Hafer
Skyworks Solutions, Newbury Park, CA 91320
nirav.thakkar@skyworksinc.com +1 (805) 480-4325

Keywords: CIM, Factory Automation, Recipe Download, Host Application

Factory Automation in compound semiconductor manufacturing is done primarily to prevent mis-processing of wafers due to wrong recipe selection. Auto-mated recipe selection through host application is the most common approach to achieve this. A host applica-tion is simply a software application running on a com-puter connected to the tool computer and communicating using SECS/GEM. However, there are many other ways factory automation can be applied to save engineering time, precious consumables like metals and chemicals, aid process enhancements, troubleshoot equipment or process problems, improve throughput, etc. This paper describes how Skyworks Newbury Park has achieved these through various home grown software applications.
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