RF Module Assembly Overview

Wally Holgado
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
2300 NE Brookwood Parkway
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 615-9179

Keywords: Miniaturization, Reliability, Low Cost, Multi-functionality, System In Package (SiP)

Over the years, the electronics industry has constantly been driven to produce components that incorporate multi-functionality and miniaturization, while maintaining improved reliability and low cost. While the portfolio of single die packages can still produce revenue for compound semiconductor companies today, the RF packaging momentum has taken a huge swing towards organic, multi-layered, substrate modules with multiple component integration and miniaturized footprints. Successful volume assembly of these high performance components (often referred to as “System In Package” or SiP modules), is key and requires good substrate design rules, proper material selection, specialized manufacturing equipment and assembly processes, improved process controls, and flexible assembly and test partners.
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