Are Silicon Technologies Poised to Displace GaAs?

Asif Anwar, Christopher Taylor, Stephen Entwistle
Strategy Analytics, 171 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1EB, United Kingdom,, +44 1908423635

Keywords: GaAs, CMOS, SiGe, integration, cost

Low cost and higher levels of integration have allowed silicon technologies to displace GaAs from prime markets in the past, displacing GaAs completely from the digital IC market (remember Vitesse) and the cellular handset transceiver (as testified by TriQuint, M/A-COM etc). Current and future silicon technology capabilities, combined with cited advantages of a lower cost base and integration capabilities are steadily improving to encompass millimeterwave
capabilities as well as aiming to displace the dominant position currently enjoyed by GaAs technologies in the cellular handset front-end. Given the historical precedent, are silicon technologies poised to displace GaAs?
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