Latest Advances in Multi-junction Photovoltaics

Alexander Slade, Robert McConnell and Vahan Garboushian
Amonix Inc.
3425 Fujita Street, Torrance CA 90505 USA
Ph. +1 (310) 325-8091
Keywords: … High efficiency solar cells, high concentration photovoltaics
High Concentration Photovoltaics (HCPV) has received significant interest in both the technical and investor communities in the last few years. The significant breakthrough by NREL and, later by Spectrolab that has shown 3-junction solar cells can reach over 40% efficiency has been the nucleus of this enthusiasm for this technology. HCPV strives to supply the utility electricity market with inexpensive photovoltaic-generated electricity and III-V multijunction solar cells have been identified as a critical technology to reach this goal. However, the high efficiency of these cells is only a benefit if it produces a lower HCPV system cost – reducing the cost of the PV generated electricity. This paper identifies some critical aspects of HCPV that must be addressed by multi-junction cell developers.
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