Integration and Qualification of a Second Site HBT Epitaxial Wafer Foundry

David Troy, Andreas Eisenbach*, Paul Cooke, Tony Pearce*,
Graham Clarke*, Iwan Davies*, Susan Barne*

IQE RF LLC, Suite 215, 265 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ 08873, USA,, +1 (732) 271 5990
*IQE Europe Ltd., Pascal Close, Cardiff CF3 0LW, Wales, UK
Within the IQE Group, a natural opportunity existed to establish HBT epiwafer production at IQE Europe (UK facility) as a second site and back- up capability to IQE RF (US facility). To successfully complete the transfer, an “integrated” approach was adopted focused on getting all aspects of the manufacturing process from raw materials, epitaxial growth, and QA review through to shipping practices either aligned or at least identified as an acceptable differentiator. An initial baseline technical capability was developed that matched selected HBT structures and device performance across both sites. Wafers were then supplied for reactor qualification. A sustaining effort was established to align and match all critical metrology functions, critically including large-area device fabrication. Concurrently, common raw material consignment and production planning was adopted such that the UK facility reactors can act as a “virtual” wafer supplier to the US facility. This has enabled both manufacturing sites to be routinely employed for HBT epiwafer supply.
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