Over 80% Drain Efficiency CW AlGaN/GaN HEMT Power Amplifier

H.P. Xin, B. Achiriloaie, V.H. Ngo and A. Mkhitarian
Tyco Electronics Inc., Power Hybrids Operation, 1742 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA 90501
Tel: 310-357-2418, Email: henry.xin@tycoelectronics.com
Keyword: AlGaN/GaN, HEMT, Power Amplifier
Due to its superior material properties, AlGaN/GaN HEMT power amplifiers offer excellent capabilities, such as high efficiency, ease of matching and broad bandwidth. In this paper we report our initial development of AlGaN/GaN HEMT on GaN/SiC epi-materials. The 10mm gate-periphery device showed 40W CW output at 1.75 GHz, 12.6db liner gain and over 80% drain efficiency with a drain bias of 28V.
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