Performance Improvement of High Power High Efficiency AlGaN/GaN HEMT based on the Process Design of Experiment Approach

Yaron Knafo, Tamara Baksht, Oleg Aktushev, David Rozman and Gregory Bunin
Gal-El (MMIC), 100 Yitzchak Hanassi Blvd., Ashdod, Israel
E-mail: Dir.Tel 972-8-8626919
Keywords: GaN HEMT, DoE, Process, Power, Efficiency.
Ultimately, the transistor power performance parameters depend on initial epitaxial material characteristics, device geometry and process parameters. This work presents a systematic research based on the design of experiment (DoE) approach by using minimal number of wafers. Factors of the DoE were few crucial process steps and process flow sequence. Different ohmic contacts alloying ambience, variation of surface treatment before SiN passivation and different sequence of the SiN passivation step in the process flow were evaluated. The optimal process flow was realized on 3" wafers. Pout of 6 W/mm, PAE 70% and 15dB gain at S-band for 0.2 mm device was measured at 30 V VD that is good aligned with state-of-the art results [3].
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