Yield Improvement Methodology in a pHEMT GaAs Fabrication Facility

James Oerth, Christopher Doucette, Sushila Singh, Sean Doonan
Skyworks Solutions, Inc
20 Sylvan Road, Woburn, MA, 01801, USA
Tel: (781) 376-3076, Email: jim.oerth@skyworksinc.com
Keywords: pHEMT, GaAs, Yield Improvement

Shrinking feature sizes, increasing circuitcomplexity, and stringent RF performance requirementsmake achieving high yield a considerable challenge. This
paper presents a method to improve yield in a pHEMTGaAs wafer fabrication facility. A practical teamapproach and applied technical methods to support aneffective yield improvement effort are discussed. Severalcase studies are presented to illustrate the efforts andsuccess of the Skyworks-Woburn GaAs Fab YieldImprovement Team.
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