Discovery and Elimination of Defects Causing Yield Loss on E-FET Power Amps

Tertius Rivers, Richard Helm, Jinhong Yang, Sumir Varma, Ed Etzkorn, Jeremy Middleton, Rob Christ,
Bill Howell

TriQuint Semiconductor, 2300 NE Brookwood Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR, 97124, 503-615-9297
Keywords: E-FET Leakage, Rinse Process, Photolithography

A defect was found that was causing gate leakage resulting inproduct failure. The defect caused oxide to remain underneaththe gate metal which prevented the device from turning offcompletely. The defect was traced to the photolithographyportion of the E-FET gate definition. Experiments showed that the defect was not caused by a drying tool as suspected, but bya rinsing tool. The defect was eliminated by removing the dumpand spray part of the rinse process and changing to a cascadeonlyrinse process.
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