Reducing chipping defects during GaAs wafer dicing
with a four-point diamond tool

Jason Chou, Chang-Hwang Hua, Sen Yang and Ping-Wei Chen
WIN Semiconductors corp.
No.69, Technology 7th Rd., Hwaya Technology Park Kuei Shan Hsiang, Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan333
Phone: (03) 3975999 FAX: (03) 3975668
Keyword: Diamond-Tool, Scribe and Break, Dicing,

This paper reports the results of a DOE, analyzed with Mini-Tab software that studied GaAs dicing with a four-point diamond-scribing tool. An excellent scribe and break (S&B) yield was obtained by simultaneously controlling the cutting depth and applied force. An August automatic inspection system was used to determine the die yield after wafer dicing.
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