Materials Characterization Comparison of GaN HEMT-on-Diamond Layers
Pre- and Post-Attachment

John Carlin¹, Gregg Jessen¹, Jim Gillespie¹, David Tomich¹
Daniel Francis², John Wasserbauer², Firooz Faili², Dubravko Babic², Felix Ejeckam²,
¹Air Force Research labs 2241 Avionics Circle BLDG 620, Wright Patterson AFB, Oh, 45433
²Group4 Labs, LLC, 1600 Adams Dr., Menlo Park, CA 95025;
Keywords: Gallium nitride, diamond, highelectron mobility transistors, X-Band, thermal management

Atomic attachment of GaN high-electron mobility transistor epilayers to synthetic diamond is a novel technology for thermal management and reduction of RF losses in these transistors. Material characterization of GaN epilayers prior and after the atomic attachment is presented.
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