GaN Power Switching Devices for Automotive Applications

Tsutomu Uesugi and Tetsu Kachi

Toyota central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Nagakute-cho, Aichi, 480-1192 Japan E-mail:,


Keywords: GaN, power devices, vertical structure, trench MOSFET



It is widely recognized that Hybrid Vehicles (HVs) are suitable for solving problems of energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission. For the future system, higher performance power devices superior to Si-IGBT, which is used for present HVs, are strongly required. GaN is the promising material for post Si power devices. We are developing GaN power switching devices. For high power switching devices, two types of vertical device structure have been developed. One is similar to double diffused MOSFET of Si. The other type is U-shape trench gate MOSFET. Both types of the power device have now insufficient performances for the applications. However, GaN has shown the potential as the post Si materials of high power devices.



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