Triple-Junction Solar Cells (TJ-SC) – Support from MOCVD for Competitiveness through Improved Material Quality and Cost Reduction

B. Schineller, J. Hofeldt, R. Schreiner, G. Strauch, M. Heuken

AIXTRON AG, Kackertstrasse 15-17, D-52072 Aachen, Germany Phone: +49-241-8909-193, e-mail:

Keywords: MOCVD, MOVPE, Solar Cells, High Growth Rate, Cost of Ownership


Layer structures relevant for the growth of TJ-SC are surface is predicted. being grown using a Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor This flow tuning also has a direct impact on the Deposition (MOCVD) system. Advanced flow tuning uniformity of the growth rate on the rotated wafer satellite. using a three-fold inlet head is explored with focus on the In addition to the total flow in the reactor, it offers an performance at high growth rates. additional and independent degree of freedom for the tuning 

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