Status of Multijunction Solar Cells and Future Development

Tatsuya Takamoto

New Technology Development Center, SHARP Corporation E-mail:, Tel: +81-743-53-7205, Fax: +81-743-53-7206

Keywords: Solar cell, Multijunction, InGaP, GaAs


Over 30% efficiency InGaP/InGaAs/Ge triple junction solar cells which consist of III-V single crystal layers grown on Ge substrate have already been put to practical use in power generator for space satellites. The same type triple junction concentrator cell has demonstrated over 40% efficiency and high concentration photovoltaic system by using the triple junction cells is being developed energetically. R&D approach targeting 50% efficiency is proceeding by using the invert lattice mismatch, quantum well/dot and InGaAsN material. Cost reduction technology should be developed for future applications.


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