Advanced GaAs MMIC Fabrication Process with PIN Diodes for ESD Protection

Kaoru Miyakoshi, Takehiko Kameyama, and Koichi Nagata

Semiconductor Technology Headquarters, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. 2-1-1 Fukuoka, Fujimino-city, Saitama, 356-8510 Japan e-mail:
Phone: +81-49-278-1461

Keywords: GaAs, MMICs, ESD, PIN diodes, antenna switches, low-noise amplifiers


Advanced GaAs MMICs with electrostatic-discharge (ESD) protection devices were developed. The ESD protection devices consist of anti-series connected PIN diodes, which are formed on a wafer with enhancement- and depletion-mode AlGaAs/InGaAs HJFETs. To realize high ESD tolerance, a constant capacitance at low bias, and low harmonics at high frequency, the PIN diodes were optimized in terms of Zenner-like characteristics. As for the GaAs MMICs with ESD protection devices, their survival voltages under a human-body model test are high (i.e., 2000 V). This promising ESD-protection device has been applied to MMIC products such as antenna switches and low-noise amplifiers. This technology has already been implemented in our mass-production processes for fabricating high-performance MMICs for “3-G” phones.

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