Monolithically Integrated III-V and Si CMOS Devices on Silicon on Lattice Engineered Substrates (SOLES)

J.R. LaRoche, W.E. Hoke, and T.E. Kazior Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Andover, Massachusetts, USA

D. Lubyshev, J. M. Fastenau, and W. K. Liu IQE Inc., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
M. Urteaga, W. Ha, J. Bergman, M. J. Choe, and B. Brar Teledyne Scientific Company, Thousand Oaks, California, USA
M. T. Bulsara and E. A. Fitzgerald Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
D. Smith, D. Clark and R. Thompson Raytheon Systems Limited, Glenrothes, Fife, United Kingdom
C. Drazek and N. Daval SOITEC, Bernin, France
L. Benaissa and E. Augendre
CEA-LETI, MINATEC, Grenoble, France

Keywords: CMOS, HBT, SOLES, differential, amplifier, lattice


The growth, fabrication, and integration of IIIV heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) with Si CMOS on SOLES (Silicon-on-Lattice Engineered Substrate) has been demonstrated with first pass, first wafer success. DC and RF Measurements of HBTs on SOLES, and a differential amplifier comprised of HBTs integrated with Si CMOS are presented.


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