Improvement in Yield and Assurance in Power Performance for Quarter-

Micron Optical Gate 8V Power pHEMT Technology


Cheng-Guan Yuan, S.M. Joseph Liu, Clement Huang, Jiro Ho, Frank Chen, Chien-Liang Chan, Jung-Tao Chung

WIN Semiconductors Corp. No. 69 Technology 7th Rd, Hwaya Technology Park,

Kuei Shan Hsiang, Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan (333).




A low cost and production worthy, 0.25 _m optical gate 8V power pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) technology using i-line stepper is developed. With increased photo resist thickness, yield exceeding 95% is demonstrated for devices with 12.5mm gate width across a 6-inch GaAs wafer. In addition, no drain current degradation under the breakdown stress over time test is observed. We find that the Al content of the AlGaAs Schottky plays an important role in current drop phenomenon. Psat of 21.7dBm with PAE of 53.0% and linear gain of 15.6dB is achieved at 10GHz with VDS=8V.



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