Investigation and Improvement of Early MIM Capacitor Breakdown

with a Focus on Edge Related Failures.


Jason Gurganus, Terry Alcorn, Andy Mackenzie and Zoltan Ring

Cree Inc., 4600 Silicon Dr., Durham, NC 27703, Ph: (919) 287-7523, Fax: (919) 313-5883


Keywords: GaN HEMT, MMIC, MIM, capacitor, yield, quality



When maintaining quality of a metal-insulator-metal capacitor process, it is important to fully understand the root cause for inferior breakdown of MIM PCM structures. This paper demonstrates a case of early capacitor breakdown and describes our method to identify defects before the destructive test with focus on edge-related failures. This led to understanding root cause and generating necessary experiments for improvement. A low-breakdown mode in the distribution was mostly eliminated through liftoff improvement and design rule adjustment.



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