Effective Manufacturing Utilizing Mass Metrology


Mark Berry*, Liam Cunnane*, Adrian Kiermasz*, Ph.D,

Michael T. McClure, Ph.D**

*Metryx Ltd. Manor Park, Nailsea, N. Somerset BS48 4DD, United Kingdom, +44 (0)1275 859988, enquiries@metryx.net

**Triquint Semiconductor, W Renner Road, Richardson, TX, USA, +1 972 994 8200, michael.mcclure@tqs.com


Keywords: Mass Metrology, Density, BAW Resonator, Yield, Process Control



In modern manufacturing, measurement decisions are critical to successfully identifying and eliminating sources of process variability. The increasing complexity of today’s technology often leads to the implementation of very complex and advanced analytical metrology techniques into the volume production environment. These can be slow and expensive. In this paper it will be shown how mass metrology effectively meets the challenges in quantifying manufacturing variability. Mass change is a measure of process performance, capturing information that a single parameter measurement, such as thickness will not.



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