Growth of LED Structures on 6 inch Sapphire: Challenges and Improvements


R.Schreiner, A.Alam, H.Protzmann, B.Schineller, M.Heuken

AIXTRON AG, Kaiserstrasse 98, D-52134 Herzogenrath, Germany



Keywords: MOCVD, LED, Mass Production



Energy saving has become a strong global strategy. As one example for lighting the use of white-light LEDs has enabled the industry to take giant steps in this regards due to low energy consumption, robust behaviour and slim-line design in comparison to conventional light sources. This offers completely new pathways of devices and applications from both a performance as well as cost reduction perspective. This paper presents pathways to overcome challenges for deposition of generic LED structures on large 6 inch diameter sapphire substrates taking advantage from calculations based on modeling prior to experiments as well as from in-situ measurements. Results from wafers prepared accordingly will be presented as well.



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