Challenges of Transferring a TaN Reactive Sputter Deposition Process from a Batch

Tool to a Single Wafer Tool during a 4” to 6” Wafer Conversion


Erika Schutte, Heather Knoedler, Ernesto Ambrocio

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Newbury Park, CA USA


Keywords: TaN, reactive sputter deposition, process transfer



To increase throughput and enable a wafer size conversion at Skyworks’ Newbury Park GaAs fab, it was necessary to develop a TaN process on a sputter tool almost entirely unlike the original process tool. TaN is a reactively sputtered resistive film which is used to make resistors on the same die as power amplifiers. Many challenges arose while trying to match the original process. This paper will discuss the development of a manufacturable TaN process on the new platform, in

spite of these challenges.



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